Oakley is known for its innovation which has a hint of both art and science. The sunglasses are a piece of art as they are unique and incorporate some of the best designs in designer eyewear. Science plays a major role too since a lot of research and development is involved in producing Oakley sunglasses. These sunglasses have taken the eyewear industry to another level. They are fashionable, functional, unique and edgy. The company with the use-of high-end cutting-edge technology manufactures high performance eyewear.

The brand is primarily a sports brand. Oakley has a passion of doing the best. Their sunglasses are a step ahead of many popular brands in all aspects especially style, precision and performance and this has led the company in acquiring many patents to its credit. The lenses are made with the technology Oakley pioneered and has been advancing on. The popularity of the brand comes across when many professional as well as amateur athletes sport the eyewear of this brand.
The high-end brand produces eyewear for both men and women and its products are some of the most-sought after ones due to high performance and technical precision, which the company is most known for. Oakley sunglasses are available for all age groups. These can be obtained in the color, style and design that one wants. From extremely sporty to every day wear one can find a number of models to choose from. Two of the most hot-selling sunglasses are the Oakley Radar and Oakley Half Jacket.

Radar has been engineered keeping in mind the needs of world class athletes. The model has interchangeable lenses that aid the athlete in improving vision in almost all terrains. The sunglass comes with a Hydrophobic lens coating which is unique only to Oakley eyewear. This lenstechnology helps in clearing the vision by preventing water build-up and steering oil, debris and contaminants away.

Oakley Half Jacket is another piece of exquisite mastery in the field of optics. It is the world's first dual-spherical frame with interchangeable lenses. The frame is light weight and quite durable. The use of Unobtainium (a patent of the brand) in the stems increases the grip of the sunglasses. These sunglasses have an array of lenses to choose from which makes it wearable by all athletes irrespective of the sports they play. The company boasts of a number of scientific tools that have been used to make this model. It is a piece of art combined with the best of technology that offers best vision and comfort.

Undoubtedly, Cheap Oakley sunglasses are a favorite with the athletes and the best part about them is that they can be customized according to the likes and needs of the person.
There is no mistake that the famous Oakley logo has been a component of the sports landscape for how many years. Located at the arm of Oakley sport sunglasses is a subtle logo yet conveys a punchy memento of just how well-respected and big the brand has turn out to be.

There is also no doubt that a pair of sporty design, classic sleek Oakley sunglasses has been imitated since then, to such an point that it is significant to make sure we buy from an authorized dealer.

Oakley was developed and designed intended for sportsmen, so it is not shocking they are the brand of choice for many active people in both free and traditional sports. Moreover, the fielding of their own Oakley groups in a lot of aggressive sports; they have a quantity of highly profiled athletes in their books signifying the brand. Some of them were: golfer Ian Poulter, cricketer Kevin Pieterson and cyclists Bradley Wigan and Victoria Pendleton.

Oakley has earned a desirable reputation for how many years throughout the production of innovative, performance enhancing and high quality eyewear for both men and women.

The company since then is working hard for their reputation and money, continuously developing specialist features and innovative technology in which they integrate into the designs of their sunglasses.

For example, all lenses are created with Oakley’s pioneering HDO or High Definition Optics which was developed to provide the wearer visual transparency. Other examples of innovation are Oakley’s ‘O Rokr’ and ‘Split Thump’ styles which include both MP3 and Bluetooth conveniences assembled into the arm.

Even though sport is Oakley’s major draw, a lot of people choose to wear Oakley sunglasses basically because they like how the glasses were made. And in addition to high performance sports sunglasses, Oakley has a number of collections including ‘Collector’s Item’ and ‘Design your own Oakley’. The collectable Oakley ‘Frog Skin’ is one of the examples which present the multiplicity of sunglasses style that could be found in the Oakley Sunglasses Sale collection.
Sunglasses are more than eye protection, they are part of the style of each person. As a beauty accessory, the Top 10 brands of sunglasses are held in a growing market.
Different styles of the main brands allow you to have a sunglass for every moment being sports, classic with colorful frames and dark lenses or frames with dark tinted lenses.
Top 10 brands of sunglasses the most famous and most sought after are:

NO.1 Oakley Sunglasses, the sunglasses from Oakley are sportive. Usually athletes such as cyclists and runners, buy this brand because, besides the quality and beauty, fit the face being very resistant when doing activities. But if you are not a high-performance athlete Oakley style is great for a weekend.

NO.2 Adidas Eyewear: still in line of sportsman, Adidas has a tradition, being respected and requested. With colorful frames suited for sports, also for a more relaxed weekend.

NO.3  Mormaii Eyewear: Known to be followed by surfers or beach goers, the brand Mormaii has very popular characteristics with young people. The frames are colored and have designs like waves, dragons or abstract. Colored lenses and frames as blue, pink and purple are present in their collections.

NO.4  HB Eyewear: HB brand has glasses for sports and also for those who just like that style. The frames are slight and some models have different designs. The lenses are mostly black with colored frames, but for women a few models have matching frames and lenses, for example, the model HB Hennes, frame and lens lilac in gradient.

NO.5  Vogue Eyewear: one of the most admired and desired brands by women. Has sunglasses with a classic and elegant style. Vogue Sunglasses may be the mark for the modern woman and the traditional woman. Colored glasses with chrome frames degrades or dark lenses to suit any chosen outfit. Some frames have applications in discrete designs or stones.

NO.6  Ana Hickmann Eyewear: The model and presenter Ana Hickmann launched her brand of sunglasses with different models, from sports to the more traditional. Frames in bold colors like orange or chrome cater to all tastes.

NO.7 Evoke Eyewear: This brand gained market with adolescents, characterized by clothes and accessories with unique style. Glasses frames are very colorful as the colors lime green, white, pink, red, blue and yellow eye-catching contrasting with the dark lenses. But Evoke has some models of sunglasses in black and light brown for people who wants to be fashionable,but is a bit shy.

NO.8  Prada Eyewear: Prada sunglasses line have a classic and elegant style, but with unique details. The colors of lenses most used by Prada are black, brown and light gradient. Colored lenses are discrete with a gradient that combines with the acetate frame. Chrome frames also make up much of the Prada line.

NO.9 Gucci Eyewear: Gucci brand, acquired by the class A and B of our society, has the same thought that Prada, as the target customer are the same. The brand of sunglasses from Gucci has a larger frames with colored lenses and discreet brown or black on light gradient. Has acetate frames and chrome, with some applications with the brand logo on the side.

NO.10 Emporio Armani Eyewear: With discrete sunglasses, they dispute the market with Prada and Gucci. Elegance and style are guaranteed. Clothing must accompany this most elegant accessory. The frames are mostly chrome and dark lenses. There are few options in colored acetate and black and white models offer a few red and blue too.
Pairs of Oakley Sunglasses were raffled away during the 2010 San Diego Triathlon held at San Diego, California last February 4 and 5. The event was the largest consumer triathlon showcase in the United States with a number of superb athletes as participants, many of whom have won numerous triathlon events all over the world. It was truly a treat for all the spectators who attended.

Not surprisingly, Oakley, known for its knack in showing up for big sporting events, was there to support the triathlon and promote itself. By giving away lots of freebies filled with Oakley items and accessories to its followers and supporting athletes through sponsorship of sunglasses, the company has definitely solidified its relationship with the people in the sporting industry through their marketing campaigns.

Oakley was also present in the 2010 Winter X Games at Aspen, Colorado. The event is considered by many as arguably the 2nd best winter sporting event of the year, next only to the 2010 Winter Olympics. The Winter X Games hosted a lot of exciting winter sports like snowboarding, skiing, and many more. 200 athletes from around the world gathered to slug it out on the icy slopes; 12 of whom were sponsored by Oakley as part of the brand’s team of athletes. The games started on January 28 and ended on January 31.

Lance Armstrong Wearing Oakley Sunglasses Known by most as “mad science,” Oakley’s concepts in design and production defy the norms every year by creating breakthroughs after breakthroughs. Mad science or not, if a pair of Oakley goggles or sunglasses can please athletes likes Shaun White and Lance Armstrong, then the brand’s "wild" ideas are surely realizing their value.

Summer is so great-hearted season! But the sun will tear up your eyes in the long run. The long days and many years spent riding waves may make people's eyes red, ravaged, and aged from a condition called pterygiums. So you should protect your eyes more carefully. Sunglasses are the most efficient way the protect your eyes. So, what kind of sunglasses should you take? You don’t have to pour a lot of money into your eyewear. It’s easier to simply go by some basics, so here are a few tips:

First, you should always look for the OSHA label with 99 or 100 percent UV protection. Second, look for sunglasses that are close-fitting and wrap-around to help prevent UV rays from getting in the sides and top of the frames. And the price is not important! The bottom line: look at UV protection. The higher price just means you are getting a hipper style or more expensive metal frames. Cheaper plastic frames actually last longer. Don’t go by color or darkness of the lens. The outer coating filters out the UV rays, not the color. The color does provide some comfort, but without a UV coating, the darker colors actually fool your eye into opening up more and let in more harmful rays.

Here I have to make mention of Oakley sunglasses. Oakley is so a great sunglasses brand. It is considered as the most famous sunglasses brand in the world. A comfortable pair of quality Oakley sunglasses can be used all day with very little inconvenience. Also, get yourself a strap, so that you can simply hang your glasses around your neck when your not using them and then toss them back on quickly.

Currently, They are the Oakley Sunglasses Polarized, and the Oakley Sunglasses Sport. I really love the style and comfort of these shades. They are polarized and provide 100% UV A/B/C protection. These and similar styles are in low price. You’ll find lots of styles of Oakley sunglasses fit your budget and taste.

My friend and his brother both have Oakley Sunglasses. Their house was recently leveled by the tornado in AL and after digging through the rubble for several days, we found both pairs of Oakley sunglasses unbroken and in great condition save a few minor lens scratches. After seeing what they can go through and still survive, I bought myself a pair! Can't wait till they get here!

Well, it's been a month since the tornado now and I've been working over at my friend's place all day, every day clearing debris and rebuilding. I've worn my Oakleys every day on the work site and so far I love them! All my friends and co-workers "ooh and ah" over them. They provide excellent shade and protection. They sit really nicely on my face (not like those cheap "Ironmans" that pinch your temples and ride up on your nose). After awhile, I forget they're even there! I've dropped them a few times and have had no problems. The lenses have no scratches and clean "very"easily. My guess is, these'll last me a good long time! Thanks for a great product Oakley!

These Sunglasses, very clear to see while driving and blocks the brightest sunlight. I don't need regular glasses and I can't stand putting anything on my face. But with these Sunglasses are so comfortable, I forget I even have them on. The best thing I like about these is the quality. Most sunglasses I've owned have either have gotten bent or broke within 6 months. These I have dropped a couple times and no damage, not even a scratch on the lenses. I would recommend them to anyone.It's been over a year now. The sunglasses are still good as ever. I can't leave home without them. I have never had a pair of Cheap Oakley sunglasses last this long without something getting damaged. Just perfect so far!

Normally I don't spend alot of money on sunglasses, but after getting tired of cheap pairs breaking, I decided to go with these. They're light weight, yet very sturdy. They also always seem to sit right and feel comfortable.

The Oakley Gas Can polarized sunglasses are built to stare down the competition. Tough, lightweight O Matter frames will take the abuse of rough days on the track without flinching. Optically correct XYZ lenses ensure you'll stay focused on your opponents. Polarization reduces the glare of asphalt and water, so you don't miss a moment of the action. The Gas Can exceeds ANSI standards for impact resistance, and the Plutonite lenses block all the harmful UV rays that could slow you down.
The sunglasses are sleek, and there are some minor contours in these that show how much craftsmanship goes into Oakley sunglasses. They are definitely durable, I would not be afraid of breaking these if I dropped them or semi-crushed them (though I still suggest a hardshell case if you are spending this kind of money on sunglasses).
The lenses in these are far superior to any cheaper alternatives. Oakley guarantees 100% UV protection. This particular model has polarized lenses, which I suggest if you do a lot of driving, water sports, or snow activities. The polarized lenses really save your eyes from glare. Go to YouTube if you are interested in seeing the visual differences between polarized and non-polarized lenses.
Personal Experience:
The second day I had these GasCan sunglasses, I smashed them into a wall... and I mean REALLY smashed them. They were in my pocket and I moved out of the way for a waitress, so they squeezed between the wall and my leg. One of the lenses slightly popped out of the frame, but it very easily popped right back into place. They squeak loudly when I open or close them now, but are otherwise in perfect condition. The point of that story was to express the durability of these things. I squished them hard, and there is no visible damage whatsoever. My cheaper sunglasses would have been in several pieces after that incident.
If you really care about protecting your eyes and you want sunglasses that will last a long time, I highly recommend these.
UPDATE 4/20/12:
The squeaking sound when opening the sunglasses is not a result of the incident described above. Apparently all Oakley GasCan sunglasses (and some other styles) squeak when they are new. I have spoken to other Oakley owners who say you have to wear them in.
Summer is coming, and everyone may have a pair of sunglasses, sunglasses is a topic to talk about today, There are someone to wear, someone not. I can assure you, it's very important to wear sunglasses, especially sunlight strongly, That is not just for the look, decor, wearing sunglasses, why not wear?

This is because the sunglasses, most importantly a function block is light to avoid excessive ultraviolet and other harmful rays into the eye, causing injury. In the summer, put on your sunglasses, first: You can reduce eye ciliary fields in the light adjustment burden, people eye to see objects in the habit of natural light travel, this time is the human eye the most comfortable with sunglasses, the second: not just to block the harmful rays in the wind to weather, it can prevent dust particles particles into the eyes of the people and land, which to a certain extent, it has become the best eye haven . According to expert determination, since 1996, sunspot activity increasingly swim resort recommended more frequent, leading to the ultraviolet radiation on the human body hurt is also growing, especially in China's Qinghai and Tibet plateau region due to the long sunshine hours, so most vulnerable to UV damage, living in these areas to tour tourism Raiders to people in particular should take the sunglasses.

Sunglasses earliest to when there is only one big box, the lens to the kind, because it looks like a toad to two eyes, it was also known as yurt, a round, but the color is only one, black, not the same as we have several, to what broad-brimmed, narrow side to side to garden, long, have partial color more, red, green, yellow, amber, so that candidates haveeyes grow dim, there are now more than 20 kinds, great choice, but not his mind, can not the travel gourmet eyes, what color you like sunglasses bring and not necessarily suitable for you, First is that the sunglasses color to the problem.

Currently on the market to sunglasses the felled production materials and myopic lenses are basically the same glass and resin film can be divided into two categories, but the two different processes of machining of the glass lens resort recommended sunglasses Insert some glass materials mixed special absorption properties to metal salts, such as adding the glass lenses of nickel and cobalt to purple, glass lenses in blue by adding cobalt and copper tourist resin lenses to sunglasses used mainly to soak staining, the lens is immersed in melting in organic pigments of geothermal water coloring, but no matter what kind of coloring the way the color of the sunglasses to be sure to benefit our eyes, the face of so many colors to sunglasses on the market in the end of the election which is it?

Oakley sunglasses, we know the brand because of its unique design and use of high-tech materials, mainly because of its integration of many fashion elements, leading to many men and women like Oakley brand. Oakley sunglasses to prevent sun damage, because the human eye's attention, it is also an advanced care products, and now not only in the development of Oakley eyewear brand, as well as cosmetics. In the people's material and cultural living standards rise, in modern society fast, Oakley also stylish rhythm in constant development, but also for the Oakley sunglasses fashion style response now wear Oakley sunglasses, you can different visual and landscape.

Oakley sunglasses can block UV rays, because the lens with a special coating, so you must look closely, some do not add material, will have little effect, and now the young men and women in sunglasses, so to your eyes, you try to select correct Oakley points, therefore, in the optical transmission of a serious decline in the mirror, then the damaged cornea.

Then, we will lose the opportunity to protect the eyes, so choose a good in the summer of Oakley sunglasses is very important. In the hot summer months, we have to wear Oakley sunglasses, our eyes are protected. These are easy to sell in the summer, because many people want to resist ultraviolet rays, which can make their sleep and cool.

So we must choose the right Oakley sunglasses. Select Oakley sunglasses is a skill. Small part of the human eye: try to choose a dark lens, so you can cover your eyes, your shortcomings into a direct advantage, I believe that all eyes are turned to your side, if you are a handsome, I suggest that you take light colors show off the charm of the lens Oakley Oh! This is the opposite sex more attractive to the eye. Flat face: You should choose the cheapest Oakley frames and dark lenses, high lighting the contours of the face, in order to more vividly reflects your overall three-dimensional. Skin black people: I suggest you take the white Oakley sunglasses, sun glasses or bright colors, so your skin tone and contrast. This is to attract people's attention. So, you have to choose the right sunglasses is very important, have the skills to select beautiful Ray-Ban sunglasses, and then you buy it no matter what kind of sunglasses! You are bound to be a focus.

I’ve heard it said that it’s all about maximizing performance. Whether you’re skiing, surfing, cycling or golfing – each of us inherently wants to improve. Improve not only our results, but our enjoyment of the things we love.

This desire is reflected in the evolution of Oakley’s technical outerwear. On a recent field-testing trip to Chamonix, France; Oakley teamed with Polartec to explore some of the biggest, most accessible mountains on the planet. The aim was to collect data from real-world conditions that will help athletes and enthusiasts get the most out of their experience in the mountains.

So I lead a crew of testers through ski tours on both sides of the Chamonix valley. I watched Oakely’s Technical Outerwear brand manager, Urs Egli, deftly ice axe/ski his way down a frozen, icy couloir. Oakley’s field testing guru Dave Steiner measured temperature readings on the skin after a sweaty, 5-hour climb up Mt Buet. We compared the breathability of various fabrics from different manufacturers with Polartec Marketing manager Allon Cohne.

All of this field testing goes into fine-tuning products like the new Oakley BioZone softshell jacket. Through the integration of different Polartec fabrics, Oakley’s new softshell will allow more breathability in the core of the jacket, while maintaining wind and waterproofness throughout. We learned from our days in Chamonix that the jacket needs only a few tweaks here and there. But we all agreed that if we get the core to breathe better, we can climb up, ski down, and cruise to après-ski more efficiently.

Hope to ski you all later,